How to Convert Auto Engines for Marine Use

Have you ever thought about converting your vehicle engine marine use? If you have an old model vehicle is in good running condition but the machine still works well and you are in a place near the water area automatically convert engines to marine use will be a great advantage. But this conversion work is done by a professional who has a good background in marine applications and knowledge in relation to machine usage and performance. The transformation of other parts and accessories are widely available through marine suppliers shop online. Check out this basic business step by step procedure that can help you to change the automatic machine for marine use.

Step by Step procedure

Remove the exhaust header from the vehicle engine with the appropriate tool. Remove and disassemble the carburetor. After that you can now remove carries the pulley as well as the water pump from the engine. Then you will see the base of the machine resulting freeze you need to shoot and plug out. You can now remove the motor mount from the block.

Put heat exchangers, water cooled exhaust manifolds and exhaust manifold gasket. At the front of the machine connect sea water pump. And connect the tubes of the heat exchanger to the water pump. In the engine room of the boat installed through the shell raw water intake, the remaining tubes and the water filter.

The water cooled exhaust manifolds connecting tube well must clamps and gaskets. When the engine is installed on the boat you can connect after part of the exhaust.

Check carburetor and separate the fuel line fittings. Then follows the gas tank, fuel pump accessories, marine fittings set for the rigid line or you can also use air craft rated fuel line as long as they are set for marine use when the machine is installed. Having a 1 or 2 fuel filter will be great for fuel supply system.

Also for carburetor intake manifold change deficit shims so that it will fit and make sure that no space for air to pass through. As the bow of the boat rises shims work as suggested by the carburetor to be in the points.

Into the intake manifold set the carburetor flame arrestors. Replace carburetor in the intake manifold. Before adjustment, change the throttle connection to the throttle control cables and boat.

The engine block put copper freeze and attach a marine motor that is mounted in the engine block. You can now fill the crankcase of the engine with relevant and hi gone marine motor oils. Finally, the engine room set remote oil filters for fuel.

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