Making Sense of Auto Transport Quotes

Auto Transport 101

Auto Transport is not regulated industry. Drivers are too busy to drive to find customers, develop leads and make sales because they use brokers to find their work for them. When brokers find customers that they send their load on the load board called To get to send this load broker is required to keep the freight broker license and bonds. The bond required by the Federal Motor Carrier power is $ 75,000.00 Drivers log and find the dealer lot for this load table. To find the cars they arrange load board. First they come into the state they are picking up from the brand it further by entering the kingdom, they will end up in. The drivers then arrange the table with prices. Since drivers want the most money they can, they will choose cars that are near each other and the highest price cars first. Virtually everyone with server license you can find drivers. Since it will be messy commission case. The auto industry is a very competitive business. Because it is unregulated broker can offer prices to customers at very low prices, even if they know that the car will not go for that price. The broker makes a commission by charging customers a deposit (clever words for the broker fee) to the Protocol.

Since the goal of the broker’s commission to make many brokers will be dishonest when giving the customer offer. They will give them a low price just to get customers book with them and then later come back to a much higher price. This is called bait and switch. Most customers buy on price so as honest broker gives honest price the customer will usually quote stuffing and go with what the company is cheapest. This is why ratings brokers are important and go with your gut. If a broker is telling you that we have a driver in the region, we do this way every week, I motorists now it is 99% chance that they are lying. The auto transport there is only one load board. This load board does not tell the broker what drivers are available at any price. When the order is taken the drivers see a lot and call the server that it has registered. The server can also call drivers they know previously ran this way. It is very rare broker would know of the driver who can take a car on the very first call to the customer. If they do, ask them to provide you with the drivers name and phone number before providing credit card information.

So how do you find a reputable auto transport broker? The best way is by word of mouth. Ask a friend or family for recommendations. The next best way is to get a quote online. Take 10 of quotes you get and throwout all low quotations and high quotes. You will be left with about 4 companies. From the companies do research online and call and then use your gut feeling. Keep in mind the end of the day all brokers use the same load level and the same drivers and all this industry is nothing but smoke and mirrors. What is important is that your car’s position at the right price and their needs to be a good supply of cars Pick up and drop off for the driver. Also, the driver needs to be going that way. Reallly, broker only job is to find lots for drivers to send the load board. There are drivers who decide who they want to pick up anyway and not broker can make any driver to do anything he does not want to do but you will never move your car anyway if your car is not at the right price on the load board .

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